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THE CHANTING OF “OM” MANTRA (With special reference to the vibrations of “OM”)

“I searched Om in all places,
 I found it within me; Mediated
Upon it day and night; At last,
He gave me Sivayanama for blissful life.”
                                                        -Kaliyuga Siddhar

INTRODUCTION:  My disciples, what is OM?  By reciting Om, what is the benefit?  What is the real meaning of Om?  In which part of Veda, is this Om present?  What this Om represents?  How to meditate on it?  All these questions raised within me.  So, I went in search of many people to know the meaning of it, but I did not get the answer.

Without losing enthusiasm, I went in search of yogis present in hills, forest, madalayas, Ashrams and temples, to know the meaning of “Om.”  They gave me different stories, but none of them gave me the “true” meaning.  Like this, I lost many years in understanding the meaning of Om.  Then, I spend some days alone in a room.  One fine day, I started doing “Shanmuki Mudra” and found that Om sound vibration was fine-tuned and vibrating within me.  I listened to it again and again and found many changes in my body, mind and breath.


I spent 12 years day and night with this cosmic rhythm and meditated on it.  Even when I was engaged in worldly action, my mind was completely absorbed in Om mantra vibration.  When you close your eyes, natural scenes become invisible.  Likewise, when you shake your mind, the Om mantra vibration stops.  And so, I stopped shaking (vacillating in thought) my mind and concentrated only on omkara vibration.  When I was spending my days in this mantra, “Lord Siva” appeared before me and gave me the panchakshara mantra “Sivayanama.”  He also explained me how to articulate the mantra.  He transformed my human life into “Pure Wisdom Life.”

All these siddhis I attained only through Om chanting and Om vibration.  You can say this is the “seed” of all Veda.  This is the primary root of all mantras that exists in this world.  Om is a small “spark” in yogic life, but if you sincerely chant, you can create enormous yogic fire within you.

I will teach you how to chant Om mantra.  If you practice it sincerely, you can attain “yoga siddhi,” “gnana siddhi,” and “kaya siddhi” (kaya means body).  Practice intense meditation to avoid being caught in the whirlpool of “Kaliyuga Maya.

            “I chanted Om through my mouth,
            I chanted Om through my mind,
            I chanted Om through my blood,
            I united with Omkara and became “Om.”
                                                        Kaliyuga Siddhar


Disciples, now I will teach you how to chant Om mantra.  When you learn Veena, how the rhythm steadily raises and gradually subsides, in the same way, close your eyes and raise the cosmic rhythm Om from the naval region.  Simultaneously, pull your stomach muscles slightly inside.  Now, get rid of all the impure air from your lower stomach region and inhale slowly and gradually through both nostrils and fill the air gradually in whole body.  This is one cycle.  Like this, practice 18 times both in morning and in evening.

By chanting omkara, all the 72,000 nerves present in the naval region get refreshed.
The “kundalini shakthi” present below the naval region raises gradually.
Body becomes lighter due to reduction in flab muscles.
Everyday tension and depression gets destroyed due to “omkara” dhyana.
All the traumatic experience, which you had undergone in this life, is destroyed gradually.
The mind is tamed and bought under control.
When you chant Om within yourself, “yogic fire” is created and when practiced everyday sincerely, can produce “yoga jothi.”  This gives “thejas” to the body.  This can be compared to a man who colors the vessel.  He has a leather bag by his side and it is connected to fire.  He pressurizes the leather bag and makes the fire to glow.  Likewise, the stomach acts as leather bag and when Om mantra is chanted, the yoga fire is created.  All these boons were given by Lord Siva to me. You also practise and attain higher consciousness in this life.

Disciple, if you feel all these are not true and these are but the cheating of Mantra Yoga, you will die even if all rich people and belongings are beside you.  So, my disciple, start practising Omkara Yoga from today onwards irrespective of time, place, date and age.

            “I realized ‘A,’ my body did not perish,
            I realized ‘U,’ my karma was destroyed,
            I respected ‘M,’ my rebirth is gone,
            I am now “Sivam” because of Sivayanama.”
                                                        Kaliyuga Siddhar

Disciple, omkara mantra is got from Parabrahman.  This can be compared to a bee, which sucks the nectar from the flower.  The bee will produce a rhythmic sound vibration in its body naturally before sucking the nectar.  After reaching the nectar, the sound vibration stops and the bee sucks the nectar silently.  Likewise, a man when desires for God’s grace, produces Om vibration in his body and when his soul and God become ‘one,’ the omkara stops naturally and he remains ‘Sivam’ and tastes the ‘ambrosial’ state.


When you separate each syllable from Om, you get ‘A’ ‘U’ ‘M.’  ‘A’ is Jeevathman’s conscious state.  ‘U’ is jeevathman’s dreamy state, and ‘M’ is jeevathman’s superconscious state.  The ‘A’ in Om represents the past, ‘U’ represents the present, and ‘M’ represents the future.  So, when you chant and realize Om, you will know all the three life states.  So, disciple, when you chant Om, ‘A’ is uttered first and this represents the world.  The ‘U’ represents the individual self or Atma or Soul and ‘M’ represents death.  To understand this world, Atma, death, and to sever these worldly ties, meditate on OM.

Brahma, Vishnu and Siva do creation, preservation and destruction.  All these three are represented in Om.  So, when you meditate on ‘Om,’ you are directly under the Divine Grace of all the three Gods.


Om mantra, when scientifically analyzed, refreshes the whole nervous system and relaxes the body.  When you continuously chant the Om, ‘electric sparks’ are created within and it saves you from negative forces.  It also transforms human energy into spiritual energy.  Biologically, ‘A’ ‘U’ and ‘M’ are of core importance to human body.  The “Amen” in Bible also represents the same.  In Muslim religion, if you take “Bhangu El Allahu Akbar” also represents Om mantra.  When they chant this, they get some type of cosmic vibration in their body and by using that, they are able to cure people affected with disease.

By meditating on Om, your atma attains freedom.  You get rid of diseases and negative karmic cycles.  All the sins, which you had committed in the previous birth, will be burned in ‘cosmic fire.’  After attaining yoga siddhi, chant the panchakshara mantra, “Sivayanama,” and lead a blissful life.

        “When my heart was chanting Om,
        I attained Birthless Life,
        A Light which changes the fate,
Arise, Awake and meditate on it.”
                        Kaliyuga Siddhar

Disciple, a small fetus when developed and grown in the mother’s womb, resembles the meditating posture of God.  He prays to God to be born in this world.  We call this fetal position in Yoga Sastra as “Karba Pindasana.”  A man worships God before birth and after taking human birth, he neglects God and ridicules him.  He forgets the “Natural Supreme Power” within him and desires for external power, which is transient.

Man does not realize the importance of Athma when he is young and smart.  He realizes only in old age when his body becomes weak and diseased.  And then, he finally turns his attention to Yoga and meditation.  Even when he involves in Yoga, he is not able to attain yogic power due to physical weakness of the body and inability to withstand the cosmic force.  This is the mundane activity of an average man in Kaliyuga.

Disciple, in whatever stage you are, irrespective of time and age, thank God and start practising Omkara Yoga.  Thank God that he made you practise yogasana and dhyana before losing this human birth.


During early morning and evening hours, sit in a room and meditate for sometime.  First, close your eyes and concentrate on the eyebrow.  Gradually, it gets fixed in that place.  Everyday, do dhyana for 20 minutes and gradually increase the timings without affecting the day-to-day activities.  When you attain advanced stage, you can clearly hear the Omkara sound vibration within your body.  When meditating on this for years, you can hear the seven cosmic rhythms.  They are bell, ocean, elephant, flute, cloud, beetle, fly, conch, perigai, and yazh.  The moment you attain cosmic vibrations, karmic cycles are tarnished and you gain a blissful life.

Many people lead mundane worldly life without knowing the importance of Omkara Yoga.  Better start the practice of meditation and Yoga and realize your ‘self’ through Yoga.  Change the karma through omkara dhyana.

My disciples, start practising meditation during early morning hours (Brahma muhurtham), because this is the best suited time to mingle with “Brahman” and to attain “Brahma Shakthi.”  May God bless you with blissful life and serene state of mind.

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