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INTRODUCTION:  Nowadays, yoga is the “mantra” for many modern medical therapies.  Even allopathic doctors prescribe yoga and meditation and Asanas for good health.  Yoga is now becoming popular among westerners because of its long-term benefits.  There are yoga sports, yogic gym which are used for spiritual upliftment.  People crowd yoga centers for attaining peace and health.  To give you a correct idea, to educate you about the side effects of exercise, and to distinguish between yoga and exercise, I have given here some valid points.  Yoga is an ocean, only when you come and practice, you can say the benefits you have obtained.  All the below given points are proved and experienced by ordinary people and even yogis before they are enlisted here.

  • Yoga is a union of body, mind and spirit.  Exercise is just a shaping up of physical body to be fit and strong.
  • Muscles, joints and tissues are completely massaged, trimmed and relaxed and refreshed in yoga.  In exercise, Muscles, joints and bones are stiffened by anaerobic exercise and muscles are pumped up to bring physical shape.
  • More flexibility in yoga, whereas less flexibility in exercise.
  • Control of body, mind and spirit is obtained.  Uncontrolled thoughts, anger, and depression takes root.
  • Longevity of life is achieved in yoga.  Breathing is fast and tensed and so longevity decreases.
  • Yogic power is obtained through meditation.  In exercise, only physical body is trimmed to be in shape but no powers are obtained.
  • Cures diseases in any part of the body with specific type of asana.  Some aerobic exercises cure disease, but anaerobic exercise does not cure any disease.
  • Spiritually one gets enlightened by long term practice of yoga.  No enlightment, but just physical beauty is obtained in exercise.
  • yoga aims in overall improvement of the society and the world.  It aims in accomplishing health, peace and longevity to humans in the world.  Exercise, on the other hand, aims in building muscles and in toning them.  This is purely selfish purpose and does not help the society.
  • Long-term workup of yoga procures healthy body, mind and yoga siddhis and in turn makes one live a life of purity and piety.  Exercise, long term workup fetches big muscles and attractive appearance with short-term achievement only.

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