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DEFINITION:  “Yoga” means to “unite or join” asana means “posture.”  This is a rare posture, but best asana for bringing out the hidden power.  You cannot see this asana in common yoga books.  This is rarely practised and if done properly give good mental and physical hygiene combined with yoga siddhi.  This is one of the meditative posture, very rarely used, but commonly practised by yogis and gnanis of yore.  The name of this pose itself is yogasana, since it combines the benefit of most of the asanas.


  1. Sit firmly in the ground.
  2. Raise up and sit in the posture given in the picture.
  3. Keep the left and right legs crossed firmly.
  4. All the phalanges should be flat and firm.
  5. This pose should resemble “X” shape when viewed externally.
  6. While practicing this pose, balance is not be proper for obese people.  Only fit practitioners, yogis and siddhars can do this pose.  After practicing for long timeframe, one comes to final stage.
  7. The weight of the body should fall on the legs only.  Due to body weight, backward fall is possible.  So, be cautious.
  8. Your eyes should be gazing upwards to the sky.
  9. The hands should be crossed above the kneecaps and well-placed on either side.  This is the completed stage.

DURATION:  From 1 minute to 5 minutes till you feel comfortable.

  • Makes one realize the importance of yoga, atman, and divine power within.
  • Relaxes the body, mind and spirit completely and gives serene state of mind.
  • Strengthens the leg heels and nerves associated with it.
  • Calf muscles, leg muscles and fibers gets adequate flexibility.
  • Body balance is maintained.  When a man balances the body perfectly, he is in tune with yoga and in perfect health.
  • Gazing upwards to the sky gives enormous spiritual power.
  • Concentration of the eyes increases and induces yogic strength.
  • Makes one realize the goal of life in this human birth.
  • Rarely used asana, but best asana for depressed human beings.

  • Practice this asana slowly and safely as balance may shift. 
  • After getting adequately trained, you can go for full pose. 
  • Pace balance can be maintained if done perfectly.
  • Legs should be firm and relaxed and not stiffened or tensed.

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