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EXPLANATION:  Yoga Mudra is classified under the category “types of mudras.”  The yoga mudra and bandhas are not practiced by people who do yogasana just for the sake of body health. To attain the “acme” position in yoga, “uthkrista” practice is advised.  Yoga mudra is added as a “special” feature in yogasana.

  1. Sit in padmasana.
  2. Touch and grasp both legs and wrists of hands.
  3. Bend the body to the front by slowly exhaling and touch the ground with your forehead.  For sometime, touching the ground with forehead is difficult.  People, who are obese and people with bone and muscle stiffness, find this asana to be tough, but by constant practice, it becomes easy.
  4. In the initial phase, you can bend to the front as much as possible.  Then after sometime, when the backbone and muscles becomes smooth and flexible, you can touch the forehead to ground easily.  This is the “complete” stage in this asana.

DURATION:  From two seconds to two minutes.

  • Backbone, muscles and bone joints become flexible.
  • Since the body is bent front, the palm pressurizes the stomach and in turn, the internal digestive glands are refreshed and stimulated.
  • This asana is superior to paschimothanasana, since it compresses the gastrointestinal system and prevents gastrointestinal diseases.
  • It cures people affected with stomach problems.
  • Liver and pancreas are pressurized adequately and so the internal organs function well.
  • Constipation is prevented.
  • Yogis, who practice “Udkristha” Yoga, do this asana frequently to attain “kundalini” sakthi.
  • People affected with tissue loss and who are weak can practice this asana and benefit from it.


  • You should not forcibly touch the ground with forehead while practicing. 
  • It might lead to stomachache and hip stiffness. 
  • Do it slowly and gradually.
  • You will find that this asana becomes easy and simple to perform. 
  • To attain “complete” stage, it takes 3-4 weeks.

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