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PRELUDE:  There are many types of yoga, which one may adapt and strictly follow to attain salvation.  All yoga branches lead to one reality “God.”  The Hindu religion speaks of ‘oneness with God’ through many yogic paths, which suits to different sections of the society.  All yoga paths have some basic concepts in general.  They are purity, austerity, contentment, stud and devotion to God.  Nonviolence, love and compassion are stressed much in yoga discipline.  Many types of yoga paths may exist but it is the onus of the student to adhere to one type, stick on to it, and realize God.  The yoga variations may be compared to many roads leading to a City.  One student may prefer highway, another ordinary road, etc, but all the roads lead to the same city.  Likewise, many types of yoga may be created, which leads to Cosmic Consciousness.  Many ancient yogis who felt a need to classify yoga based on their disciples nature and tendency, classified yoga into different types.  One type of yoga may suit to one guna found in man.  There are 3 gunas found in man.  They are sattva, rajas, and thamas.  Sattva people are pure, kind and gentle people.  Rajas are people with anger and hard work.  Tamas is dull and lazy people.  So, to make yoga reach the lower most section of the society, yogis classified them to suit to different peoples’ needs.  Now, let us look into some type of yoga and how that leads to God and attain enlightment.

  1. BHAKTI YOGA  (The yoga of devotion)
  2. MANTRA YOGA  (The yoga of mantra chanting)
  3. HATHA YOGA  (The yoga of purifying the body through yogic techniques)
  4. KUNDALINI YOGA  (The yoga of rising the serpent power)
  5. RAJA YOGA  (The yoga of eightfold path)
  6. LAYA YOGA:  (The yoga of suspension and absorption)
  7. GNANA YOGA:  (The yoga of wisdom)
  8. KARMA YOGA  (The yoga of action)
  9. KRIYA YOGA:  (The yoga of union with Infinite by certain kriyas)

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