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 "Vriksha" means "tree."  As this pose resembles a tree, it is named so. Like a tree, a man become
strong by practicing this asana.  Immense benefits are obtained by constant practise.  Vrikshasana
basically increases the height of young children.

1. Stand straight in attention position.
2. Concentrate on an object straight in front of you.
1. Gently life the right leg and place it on the thigh of left leg near anus (refer picture).
2. The phalanges of right leg should be flattened and facing downwards.
3. Raise your arms slowly above the head and place them in "namaskar" position. This is the final stage.
4. Stand in this position for some time and then revert back to original position.

DURATION:  From 0 to 20 seconds or until you feel comfortable.

1. Mind and thought process comes under control.
2. Due to the act of balancing of whole body weight in one leg, acupressure is maintained.
3. Reduces toe and heel nerves weakness and strengthens them.
4. Ball-and-socket joint flexibility is maintained beautifully.
5. Prevents blood pressure.
6. Gives and maintains good body shape.
7. The whole body is strengthened by balancing act.
8. Increases the height in school going children.
9. Strengthens and increases the flexibility of side muscles.

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