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     “Ustra” in Sanskrit means “camel.”  Since this pose resembles a camel, it is termed so.  This is one of the best yoga pose for strengthening the back bone.  This is usually prescribed by yoga trainers for office goers and students who sit for a long period of time.  

TECHNIQUE: 1.  Bend the legs and sit in vajrasana pose.
2.  Slowly raise the body and be in ‘kneel-down’ position.
Maintain a distance of 1 feet between the knees.
4.  Raise the right hand slowly, bring it back and touch the right heel.
Raise the left hand slowly and bring it back to touch the left heel.
Bend the head slowly and gaze upwards without tension.  Perform all these steps in relaxed way.
This final stage should be such that the hip is slightly pushed forward.
Breathing should be normal.  This is completed stage.
9.  After few seconds duration, come back to original position.  

DURATION:    From 30 seconds to 1 minute.  

  •    Due to forward bending, the neck muscles are strengthened and eye sight is enhanced.
  •    Due to eyeball shifting (while practicing the pose), the eyes are strengthened.
  •    Prevents hip and back pain.
  •    Slowly cures osteoarthritis.
  •    Stimulates physical growth of the bones thereby increases body height.
  •    Memory power is increased.
  •    Reduces obesity.
  •    Prevents hyper and hypothyroidism.
  •    Prevents back pain for office goers and school students.
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