:: Uddiyana Bandha

              Ancient women used to wear many jewels for their beauty.  One among them is the “Uddiyana” jewel.  This jewel actually prevents the hip and stomach muscles from bulging forth and pulls the muscles internally to keep them in proper shape.  Since it looks like a starved stomach by pulling it up, it nexus with 72,000 nerves internally, it is termed as “Uddiyana Bandha” in Hatha Yoga.

Technique #1 :
Stage I :
  1. Sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana or Sukhasana posture.  People, who are unable to do it, may sit in Sukhasana.
  2. Next, both knees should touch the ground.  Keep both the hands on the knees.
  3. Keep the head, back and hip in erect position.
  4. Close the eyes.
Stage II :
  1. Now, take a deep breath in this position.
  2. After inhaling air by deep breath, exhale slowly and fully.  Now, bend the head forward and press the chin to chest region as this represents the Jalandhara Bandha.
  3. Now pull back the stomach muscles upwards completely and stop.  Pull the stomach muscles to the maximum extent possible in this position.
  4. In this position, there is no inhalation or exhalation.  Just you are in “Void Retention” for a few seconds.
  5. Relax the stomach muscle slowly and bring the head to normal position from Jalandhara Bandha.  Inhale slowly.
  6. Again practise by exhaling completely and follow the above steps.  Do this bandha 5-10 times.
Technique # 2 :

People who are unable to do “Uddiyana Bandha” in sitting position, can practise in standing position.

Stage I :

  1. Stand straight.  Have a distance of 1 to 1.5 feet between two legs.
  2. Bend the body slightly forward.  Now, place both hands on the knee joints.

Stage II :

  1. Inhale deeply and slowly and now exhale completely.
  2. In the same position, pull the stomach muscles back to the maximum for some time.
  3. Let the face be straight.
  4. You can apply the Jalandhara Bandha also while doing this exercise.
NOTE : People who are not able to do Uddiyana Bandha in sitting position can do it in the standing position for some days and then advance to sitting position.

Advantages :
  1. Stimulates the “manipuraka” (stomach centre) chakra of the six yogic centers.  The Manipuraka relates to stomach centre.
  2. This bandha stimulates all the stomach muscles, intestines and 72,000 nerves and makes them function properly.
  3. Only when the acid secretion in the stomach increases, ailments enter the body.  This exercise controls the acid secretions, acidic nature, and prevents diseases.
  4. Due to frequent sexual urges, the semen gets leaked out in the dreams as well as in masturbation.  In Uddiyana Bandha, both thoughts and body unites together and transforms semen or secretion to good thejas and spiritual powers.  To attain yogic light, practise this bandha.

  • As the adage goes, “Doing Surya Namaskar after one has become blind,” whosoever have spoiled their health in various ways, exercise caution while doing this bandha.
  • People who have ulcers, appendices, cardiac problems, kidney dysfunction, and who have undergone gastrointestine related surgeries, people with high acidity in stomach, do this bandha depending upon their capability status.
  • Even if you do not attain any benefit from this bandha, it is okay.  But be careful against any side effects.
  • People in adult stage who practise this bandha will attain success in their life.  It also regulates the “love feelings” and brings good concentration.  So, practise this bandha and change this body to a blissful state.

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