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"Tri" means "three," "kona" means "angle."  Since the three sides are covered (i.e.) the body resembles
a triangle and so it is named trikonasana.  This is one of the best yogic exercises for increasing the flexibility
of the body.  Young man when they practise constantly, can obtain good flexibility and joint stiffness reduces.
Good exercise for old people too.

1. Stand straight.  Keep the legs 3 feet apart.
2. Raise both the arms (inhale) and bring the arms near the shoulder.  Hand fingers should be straight.
3. Bring the right thumb to left leg toe by bending and crossing completely (refer picture)
    at the same time, the other hand should be straight facing upwards (T-shape).
4. Turn the face up sideways and see the fingertips of the raised hand.  See to that the knees do not
    bend. Stand for 10 seconds.
5. Alternatively, inhale and bring the hand to the right toe.  Lift the other hand up, follow the actions
    correspondingly as in the first set.
6. Now after 10 seconds, come to normal standing position.  This is one full round.  Repeat for 4 times.

DURATION:  From 10 seconds to 15 seconds for each positions and 4 repetitions.

1. Activates the pancreas and diabetes is controlled.
2. Prevents diabetes mellitus.
3. Reduces obesity and body weight.
4. Eyesight is improved due to gazing at the fingertips.
5. Overall flexibility increases.
6. Backbone and side muscles are strengthened and relaxed.
7. Both the legs are strengthened and maintain balance.
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