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"Tad" represents a palm tree.  Since this asana resembles the shape of a palm tree, it is termed so. 
Usually many asanas are taken from natural scenes by yogis and they named after them. 
Every asana is a natural scenery with immense benefits.

1.  Stand straight in attention position.
2.  Check both the thumbs and heels are touching each other (refer picture).
3.  Inhale air and raise the hands slowly and steadily.
4.  Lock both the hands with fingers and turn upwards (palms should be facing outside).
5.  Your feet should be raised above with both the heels touching each other.
6.  The whole weight of the body should be taken by phalanges (leg fingers) only.
7.  This final stage is Tadasana.

DURATION:  From 10 to 20 seconds and as long as possible.


1. Strengthens the nerves and prevents nervous disorders.
2. The space in between the nail and skin will sometime be flooded by dust and mud.  This asana prevents
    any infection which occurs because of it.
3. Prevents swelling of the skin near the nail.
4. Onychomycosis is prevented.
5. Since the entire 72,000 nerveending are associated with leg nerves, they are strengthened and refreshed.
6. Physical height of a man increases to certain extent.
7. Gives excellent body shape.
8. Maintains body balance due to heel raising.
9. Flexibility of the muscles and bones increases.
10. Trims the body and reduces obesity.
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