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DEFINITION:  Like “Om” symbol, this “swasthik” remains a pure and pristine symbol for Hindus.  This asana is also an important pose in meditation.  The sukhasana and swasthikasana resembles similar, but slightly varies.  Many siddhars used this pose for controlling their senses and attained yoga siddhis.

  • Sit in the ground.  Straighten the legs.
  • Fold the right leg.  Place it touching the knee joint o the left leg.
  • Fold the left leg and place it touching the knee joint of the right leg.
  • The heels should be inserted inside the knee joint region (refer picture).
  • Both kneecaps should touch the ground firmly.  Phalanges should be well-aligned and well-coordinated and should fit inside the knee joint comfortably.
  • This final stage is “Swasthikasana.”

DURATION:  From 2 minutes to 5 minutes.  You can do this as long as you don’t feel the pain.

  • The nerves in the toes of the legs are slightly pressurized and gives equilibrium to the body.
  • to attain eternal bliss and to concentrate the mind, this asana helps to maximum.
  • Takes to the core of “Vaasi Yoga” (breath control) by making one realize the importance of prana, gives control of breath, and attain yogic power.
  • Best pose for meditation.
  • Makes one best fit for yoga and realize his atman.
  • Raises the kundalini shakti residing in the body.
  • Strengthens the leg joints and knee caps.
  • Makes one reach highest goal set in life by stimulating the six chakras in the body.

PRECAUTIONS:   Practise few days with one leg, ten for few days with another leg and then practise the final stage.

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