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DEFINITION:  “Siddhi” means “yogic power.”  A man meditating in this pose for longer period of time will surely attain yogic power.  “Siddhar” means a man who as attained highest stage in yoga.  Mainly ‘siddars’ used to meditate in this asana.  So, it is termed as ‘siddhasana.’  Brahmachari should meditate in this posture for controlling their senses.  This asana fetches high results for practising sense control.


  1. Sit firmly with back straight in the ground.
  2. Straighten the legs.
  3. Bend the left leg and bring it near the anus.
  4. Bring the right leg and place it above the left leg above the genital region.
  5. The two ankles should like one above the other perpendicularly.  It should be placed between stomach and anus.
  6. The fingers of the legs should be spread completely (refer picture).
  7. During the final stage, use “dhyana mudra” for completion of the pose.

DURATION:  From 2 minutes to depending upon one’s ability, can increase to longer duration.

  • Meditating on “svadhistana chakra” fetches immense yogic power.  This asana is mainly aimed at this nerve center for release of the spiritual energy.
  • Transfers sexual energy into spiritual energy during long hours of meditation.
  • You can use this asana to separate body and soul and attain “eternal bliss” by uniting with “Supreme Soul.”
  • Releases carbon-di-oxide from the body.
  • Strengthens the knee, ankles and legs.
  • The ‘dhyana mudra’ makes positive and negative energy to circulate in the body and brings extraordinary spiritual energy to the yogi.
  • Controls the redundant thoughts in the mind and makes one concentrate on yoga.

PRECAUTIONS:  Don’t pressurize the perineal region while practising.

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