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"Savam" means "dead."  Since the body resembles a corpse, it is termed so.  This asana should
be performed at the end of all yogasana practice.  You can practise this during tiredness, depression, no peace
of mind, anger, etc.  Gives you complete relaxation after performing advanced asanas.  Eliminates sweats, gives
good blood supply, and reduces body tension.  Unites the body and mind and takes you to higher level of consciousness. 
For beginners, it is slightly tough to unitebody and mind, but by constant practice, you too can attain that yogic state.

1. Lie supine.
2. Relax yourself by lying flat and relaxed (refer picture).
3. Maintain a distance of 1 to 2 feet between legs.
4. Place your hands at the side of your body, ½ feet apart.  Your palm should be turned upwards.
5. Be in natural state like half-closed fingers, face upwards and legs apart.
6. Your face should be relaxed and without tension.
7. your eyes should be closed.

Without moving your lips, say the following within your self.
"My legs are relaxing"
"My thighs are relaxing"
"My hands are relaxing"
"My head and shoulders are relaxing"
"My heart is relaxing"
"My bone, muscles, tissues and nerves are relaxing"

Whenever you say a line, think of that particular part and think it is completely relaxing.  Mental power
is such that if you aim something, you will get it."  So, when you think your organ is relaxing, it really
refreshes and relaxes.  Now you are completely taking rest and basically relaxed.

To get some amount of cosmic consciousness power, think of the following in this pose.


1.  You are constantly gaining all yogic power y uniting with Supreme Consciousness.
2.  You are strengthened in body, mind and spirit.
3.  You are active and energized both physically and mentally.
4.  You have become a nice and sincere gentleman by practicing this asana.

Don't get up quickly.  Do the following to get up.

1.  Slowly shake your legs and hands.
2.  Rub your hands and rub against your body and then see the palms by opening your eyes.
3.  Turn to the left side gently, bend your legs and balance with hands and get up.
4.  Sit for sometime.
5.  This is the end stage of savasana.

1.   Gives complete relaxation of whole body, mind and spirit.
2.   Prevents wearing spectacles by reducing tension, depression, headache, and psychosomatic disorders.
3.   Prevents body tiredness and refreshes the organs.
4.   Takes you to higher level of consciousness of yoga "samadhi."
5.   Maintains good blood supply in the body.
6.   Increases the magnetic weaves in you and gives brightness (thejas).
7.   Refreshes the organs by "autosuggestion" commands and completely relieves from tension.
8.   Increases confidence, vitality and vigor.
9.   Best medicine for all people of all age.
10.  Maintains proper breath.
11.  Strengthens the nervous system.
12.  Strengthens and refreshes the muscles, tissues, ligaments, bones, nerves, veins, arteries, and all parts of the body.
13.  Two hours of savasana is equivalent to 8 hours of normal sleep and refreshes quickly.
14.  This asana is the best body revitalizer.
15.  Makes one attain yogic bliss and steady mind.
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