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  “Sitali” means “cool.”  As the exercise cools the whole body, it is termed as sitali.  The tongue should be curled or folded like a pipe and ‘O’ should be formed when viewed (refer picture).  The folding of the tongue should be soft and not pressurized.  Keep your face cool and relaxed.  Now, let us go to do the steps.


  1. Sit in padmasana, sukhasana, or siddhasana.
  2. Keep the back straight and erect.
  3. Now, curl the tongue like a pipe and keep the shape as ‘O.’
  4. Slowly inhale air through the tongue and exhale through the nostril.  This is 1 round.
  5. Repeat for 15 to 18 rounds.


  • Cools the body superbly.  This can be compared to an air cooler which spreads cool air by using cold water.  Likewise, the tongue has moisture and subsequently inhaled air has moisture in it.  This air when goes inside, makes the body cool and relaxed.
  • Taste buds present in the tongue get strengthened and benefited.
  • Mind is relaxed completely.
  • Body heat is cured off and body remains cool and relaxed.
  • When you are in thirst, if you practice this, reduces thirst.
  • Activates the liver, spleen and improves digestion.
  • Soothes the eyes and ears.


  • People suffering from high Blood Pressure should not do retention part.
  • Heart patients should not perform this exercise in the beginning.

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