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  This is a technique where we inhale air through teeth sides.  This is also one of the best types of cooling pranayama.


  1. Sit straight as usual in padmasana, sukhasana, and siddhasana.
  2. Open the mouth and press the upper teeth with the lower set of teeth.  The tongue should be at the back of the teeth.
  3. Then slowly and calmly inhale air through teeth gaps with ‘hiss’ sound.
  4. Now, exhale air through the nostrils.  This is 1 round.
  5. Practice for 15 to 18 rounds.


  • This exercise prevents sensitive teeth, problems wit teeth and alleviates the pain.
  • Relaxes the oral cavity overall.
  • People who have depression and high tension who work in night by straining their eyes, this is a beneficial one.
  • Calms the mind, removes mental tension and anxiety.
  • Increases resistance to respiratory system diseases.
  • Highly beneficial to people with pyorrhea and hypersensitivity of gums.

  • Do not pressurize and tense yourself when inhaling.  Breathe in gradually and exhale gradually.
  • No fast or irregular breathing is allowed.
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