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PRANAYAMA (Breathing Exercises)

                  In this modern world, people work like bees to procure wealth and status.  They neglect to maintain their body mechanism, its limitations, and body hygiene.  Man prepares himself externally by working out at gymnasiums to physically strengthen himself.  He keeps at bay the yore yoga techniques adopted by Siddhars, yogis and gnanis to keep the body fit.

Physical appearance just stands for a short period of time.  Externally, he may look “macho” man, but internally his mind and heart are weak.  Instead of developing external physical strength, man can devote themselves to yogasanas, pranayamas and meditation to strengthen their internal body mechanisms thereby procuring excellent long-term health benefits.

To make a man live in this busybee world in cool relaxed way, we from “Life Power Yoga Center” prescribe this yogic breathing exercise.  This exercise is a time-tested remedy for internal cleansing and cooling of human body.  Now, let us venture into different types of pranayamas.  I have given a very few exercises for modern man who are devoid of time.

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