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      "Paschimo" means "posterior," and "tana" means "stretch."  Since the body's posterior part stretches
completely and touches the toes, it is termed so.  Yogis generally use this asana to keep their
senses under control.  This is one of the
important asana for the body.

1.   Sit straight.
2.   Extend both the legs completely in front of you.
3.   Place your hand at the side of the hip.
4.   See to that back, head and hip are straight and vertical.
5.   Slowly inhale and raise your hands upwards.
6.   Now, bend and stretch yourself to touch the thumb of the legs (refer picture).
7.   Try to place the elbow on the ground if possible.
8.   In the final stage, head, chest and eyebrow should be touching the knees.
9.   You can remain in this position from 30 to 60 seconds.
10. Slowly raise the arms upwards again and come back to normal position.
11. This is one round.  Like this, practise 3 rounds.

DURATION:  From 30 to 60 seconds.

  •   Gives young appearance.
  •   Reduces obesity and strengthens the gastrointestinal organs.
  •   Stimulates the minutes nerves present in spinal cord and gives spiritual power.
  •   Gives "shakti" to sex organs.
  •   Strengthens the hips.
  •   Strengthens the stomach and calf muscles.
  •   Refreshes the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, lungs and urinary system.
  •   All the above said organ-related diseases are completely cured by this asana.
  •   Nervous dysfunction is cured.
  •   For yogic aspirants, this is an important asana since it controls the kundalini and gives divine powers. 
  •   Experienced yogis say that they have to practise for more than 1 hour to control kundalini.
  •   Constipation and anorexia are cured.
  •   Strengthens the backbone and gives flexibility.
  •   Reduces back pain.

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