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DEFINITION:  “Nadi” can be referred to an artery or vein for the passage of air or energy.  “Suddhi” means “cleaning.”  The whole process of cleaning and purifying of nerves in the body is called “nadi suddhi pranayama.”  This exercise cleans arteries, veins, arterioles, and capillaries.  The whole air passage is purified and high oxygen intake is initiated in this process.



  1. Sit in padmasana, sukhasana or siddhasana.
  2. Keep the spine and head straight.
  3. Close your eyes gently.
  4. Keep the right hand in “prana mudra” and left hand in “cin mudra.”
  5. Now with the right hand, close the right nostril.  The closing should be such that the thumb should gently touch the area between skin and bone of the nostril.


  1. Slowly inhale air through left nostril.  Close the left nostril with ring finger.
  2. Now, release the air gradually through the right nostril.  This should be slow and rhythmic.  No fast actions are allowed.
  3. Again, inhale air through right nostril by closing the left nostril (follow the same procedure adopted in ready state) and gently exhale through the nostril.
  4. This is one round.  Perform this practice from 18 to 30 rounds.


  • Removes body odor.
  • During regular practice, sweat is formed and this indicates that nerves are cleansed and purified.
  • Strengthens the nerves and tissues.  This in turn, strengthens all the 72,000 nerves.  All dirt particles in the nerves are thrown out during exhalation.
  • Increases the prana shakti.
  • Immunity or resistance to diseases is increased.
  • Vibration of body chakra increases and in turn brings yogic power.
  • Capacity to retain oxygen by the lungs is increased overall.’
  • Long practice brings good thejas (face brightness) and vigor.
  • Body heat is completely removed.
  • Lightness of the body, brightness of the eyes and increased appetite are the results of nadi suddhi exercise.
  • Mind becomes still, clear and lucid.
  • Longevity of life is achieved through long time practice.


In the beginning, the body perspires and shakes, while the thigh and arm muscles become tense.  Such tension should be avoided.
People suffering from high blood pressure should not attempt retention.
Long time practice of nadi suddhi pranayama fetches immense benefits, but if the practitioner leaves the practice for 4 or 5 months, the stomach muscle are relaxed and enlarges, resulting in obesity.  So, constant regular practice is recommended

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