:: Mula Bandha Yoga Dhandasana

DEFINITION:  “Mula” means “source or origin,” bandha means “locking.”  “Mulabandha” means constricting the anal sphincter and controlling the prana or air by not escaping out of the body.  “Yoga dhanda” means, during ancient days, yogis and siddhars used to meditate for long hours by placing a “stick or dhanda” which connects their hands and armpit.  It resembles “T” shape.  This instrument is used by them to change the “surya kalai” (right nostril breath) and “chandra kalai” (left nostril breath) to suit to their yogic needs and to make the body cool and relaxed.  When they applied pressure to the dhanda on the left side, the breathing changes to the right nostril and vice versa.  Since the source is locked and nostril breathing is changed, they can attain eternal cosmic consciousness.  This is the best form of yogic meditation suited to ardent devotee of yoga.


  1. Sit in the ground.  Straighten the legs.
  2. Bend the left leg and bring it near the left hip side and place there firmly.  The toes should be flat and straight.
  3. Bend the right leg and place the fingers of the legs in the armpit region of right hand (refer picture).  This is the completed stage.
  4. You can also fold the left leg and place it in the left armpit for counter pose.  These 2 poses are the full stage of this asana.  Very effective in gaining concentration.

DURATION:  From 2 minutes to 5 minutes and as long as possible.


  • Brings immense yoga siddhis.
  • You can meditate in this pose by having a jepa mala, rosary or by looking at God’s photo.
  • Gives good strength and relaxes the whole nerves, muscles and tissues in the leg.
  • Maintains natural rhythmic breath in the body.
  • Stimulates all the 72,000 nerves in the body and stimulates the six nerve centers for gaining spiritual power.
  • Makes one stay in balanced state of mind.
  • Stimulates the muladhara chakra during meditating by constricting the sphincter muscles of anus.
  • You can cool the body by changing the breath in the right nostril to left nostril.  The right nostril gives heat to the body.
  • Maximum benefit is obtained in this pose during yoga concentration.
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