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DEFINITION:  "Matsya" means "fish."  Since this pose resembles a "fish" shape in final stage, it is termed so.  Like a fish, the body will be active and fresh, ready to do any work at any time. Constant practice fetches good hygiene and yogic powers.  One of the best pose in maintaining flexibility of the body.

1.   Lie supine.  Do padmasana.
2.   Bend your right leg and place it on the left leg thigh and vice versa.  This is padmasana.
3.   Now grasp the right leg phalanges with right hand and left leg phalanges with left hand.
4.   See to that your elbows are touching the ground.
5.   Your head should be retracted inside slightly and your trachea should be bent (refer picture).
6.   This is final stage in matsyasana.  Maintain your breath in normal rhythm.

DURATION:  From 1 to 25 seconds.

1.    Strengthens the neck and collar bones.
2.    Increases the memory power.
3.    Good blood supply to the eyes.
4.    While practicing a breathing exercise called "bhastrika" in this pose, prevents asthma, wheezing and other breathing disorders.
5.    Prevents throat infection.
6.    Strengthens the vertebrae.
7.    This is a counter pose for halasana and sarvangasana.
8.    Gives good oxygenated blood to the brain.
9.    Strengthens the muscles and tissues associated with the eyes.
10.  Prevents cervical spondylitis.
11.  Prevents ENT diseases.
12.  Strengthens and activates the brain by adequate blood supply.
13.  Reduces back and neck pain.
14.  Expands the chest and activates the lungs.
15.  Prevents constipation when practised daily.

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