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"Makara" means "crocodile."  Since this asana resembles a crocodile lying on the banks of a river, it is termed so. 
Beneficial exercise for relaxing oneself temporarily.  The practitioner will resemble like a crocodile sleeping
on the banks of a river.  Actually, the body of the practitioner is regenerating energy to work again.  The whole
body is relaxed slowly and steadily.

1.   Lie in prone position.
2.   Touch your left shoulder with right arm and right shoulder with left arm
     (basically you are crossing both arms).
3.   Stretch the elbows to the front.
4.   Now, place your chin on the crossed hands (refer picture).
5.   Let the legs be maintained with a gap of ½ to 1 feet.
6.   Heels should be turned in.
7.   The final stage should be such that the stomach should touch the ground completely.
8.   Now just gaze in front for 1 to 2 minutes.  This is the final stage.
1.   Now you are in perfect stage for relaxing yourself.
2.   Slowly inhale the air and completely fill the stomach.
3.   Again exhale slowly and steadily.
4.   Like this practise for 20 rounds.  This is the full relaxing state of makarasana.

DURATION:  From 2 minutes to 5 minutes.

  •    Since the retina is straight, concentration and sharpness of the eyes increases.
  •    Stimulates the digestive and urinary system and makes them function well.
  •    Reduces back pain.
  •    Reduces obesity by gradually toning the stomach muscles.
  •    Gives good blood supply to sexual organs.
  •    Prevents one from wearing neck brace by completely curing the disease.
  •    Beautifully balances the blood pressure.
  •    Overall relaxation occurs to the body gets and it gets active and refreshed.
  •    Muscles stiffness is reduced.
  •    Nerves become active and good blood supply to whole body takes place.
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