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MANTRA YOGA  (The yoga of mantra chanting)

             Mantra Yoga particularly means chanting of Vedic words or a single word repeatedly many times to attain mukti.  It involves long hours of sitting in meditation and constantly repeating God’s name or his favorite mantra.  This constant mantra recitation purifies the four subtle body to be in communion with Supreme Spirit.  The mantra meditation is a form of yogic oneness with soul or atman.

             The sound vibration is pervaded in whole universe and subtle sound vibrations are naturally found in all living organisms.  The mantra or sound of a word, which we chant constantly, the sound vibrations are created and the waves tries to move within the body for elevating us to supreme consciousness.  The sound waves are created in the nerves (spinal cord) and this waves try to move upwards (towards head) thereby making the soul to attain liberation.  The waves in large number form cosmic vibrations and this fetches yoga siddhis.  The principle is that sound and form are one and the same, the deity being present in invocation itself.  The final stage of mantra yoga is chanter, chanting mantra and God becomes “One.”  “Thou art That” is attained by mantra meditation.  Mantra yoga helps a devotee to cut his karma bondage, cycle of birth and death, and attain immortality.  He becomes mantra by himself.  Mantra is the boat to sail through the ocean of birth and death and attain enlightment shore.

            Mantra can be chanted by reciting aloud, softly whispering or in the mind.  Use of beads or rosary for chanting and sitting postures are recommended.  Om is said to represent God.  ‘Gayatri mantra’ the powerful vedic mantra invokes the Divine Light within and is considered the best chanting mantra.  It is the mother of all vedas.  Mantra also helps to attain good health and longevity of the devotee.

            The simplest way of mantra yoga recitation is repeating Lords name while in duty or at peace with yourself.  You can do this at any place or at any time irrespective of nationality.  Repetition of Lord’s name brings goodness, well-being, abundant resources and prosperity.  For example, repetition of Lord Rama’s name is a good sign of becoming aware of God.  People who have recited mantra for years will tell you the beneficial effects of mantra.
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