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KARMA YOGA  (The yoga of action)

Karma” means “action.”  Karma yoga literally means doing action in this world for world’s sake and renouncing the fruits of the action.  This is extremely difficult but few rare souls do practice and achieve it.  Swami Vivekananda was a karma yogi, who worked for spreading Vedanta through the length and breath of India and abroad.

Bhavat Gita beautifully explains about karma yoga.  Lord Krishna also did lot of worldly actions, but was not bounded by it.  He says when you dedicate your actions to God, the bondage does not occur.  You will be freed from chains of birth and death.  Lord Krishna says “You have the right to work only, nut never the fruits of it.  Let not the fruits of action be your motive, nor let thy attachment be in inaction.  The truth is we don’t have control over the result, but in ‘means’ we have control.  For example, giving a poor or needy with an open heart, a gift, is harmless and no karma bondage occurs, but if you expect something in return for giving, then karma catches you.  This is the simplest definition of karma yoga.

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