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KUNDALINI YOGA  (The yoga of rising the serpent power)

Kundalini Yoga is the term given to the shakti (power) which resides at the base of the spine, when rised through penance, brings immense spiritual treasures.  Kundalini is an Indian name given to a form of energy, which lies dormant for ordinary people.  Ordinary people don’t realize the presence of it and they simply ignore.  Yogis who have discovered this power, concentrate on this serpent power, and attain “Deathless State.”

In the human body, there are seven yoga chakras.  The good functioning of these chakras give good mental, physical and emotional stability.  They also regulate our perception of reality with respect to laws of Universe.  Each chakra has got color, symbol, musical note, letter, etc for the purpose of meditation and ritual practice.

The first 3 chakras deals with survival issues while the upper 4 chakras are concerned with universal love, compassion, creativity, intuition, wisdom, and illumination.  The seven chakras are Muladhara (at the base of the spine), swadhistana (genital region), manipuraka (stomach), anahata (chest), visuddhi (throat), ajna (eyebrow) and Sahasrara (top of the head).   These 7 yoga chakras regulate the mental and emotional well-being of the humans.  There are 3 major esoteric channels in the body.  The channel to the right of spine is solar nadi (pingala) and channel to the left is lunar nadi (ida).  The central channel when activated brings about balance, equanimity resulting in freedom from worldly bondages.

As the kundalini rises from one chakra to another, it dissolves mental, emotional and karmic blocks accumulated over several lifetime.  The man becomes a realized soul and attains blissful state.  Kundalini has been identified with cosmic energy and with sexal drive.  The end of kudalini yoga is union with Supreme Soul.  The journey never ends in this yoga path.  
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