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DEFINITION:  "Hala" means "ploughshare."  In the final stage, the body gives the appearance of a ploughshare,
an agricultural tool and so it is termed so.  Good flexibility of the body is obtained through halasana.

1.   Lie supine.  Keep the body straight.
2.   Keep your arms behind your head straight.  The palm should be turned outwards.
1.   Inhale the air slowly and raise your legs.
2.   Steadily bring the legs behind the head and place them straight (refer picture).
3.   Now, raise your hip and try to touch the phalanges with your finger by bringing the hands behind.
4.   Importantly, your knees should not bend in this process.
5.   In the final stage, the penis should come straight when your eyes look up.
1.   When you remain in this final pose, your breath should be normal.
2.   Count from 1 to 20 while you remain in this pose.
3.   When you try to come back to normal position, inhale and slowly bring your back down.
4.   Now, bring your legs down by exhaling and reach the ground.
5.   This is one round.  Practice for a minimum of 2 rounds.

DURATION:  From 1 to 20 seconds.

1.    Cures nervous dysfunction.
2.    Halasana cures psychosomatic disorders like incoherent speech and irrelevant body movements.
3.    Beautifully makes the thyroid gland function well.
4.    "Appropriate-for-age" development in children is maintained.
5.    Prevents oligospermia and zoospermia.
6.    Night discharge and nocturia is cured.
7.    Prevents ENT disorders in children if practised daily.
8.    Increases the digestion and eliminates waste products regularly.
9.    From chiropractic point of view, it is an important asana.
10.  Strengthens the 33 vertebrae bones and reduces friction and stiffness.  Good blood supply to the vertebral column.
11.  Excellent age-defying asana when practised daily.
12.  Prevents constipation.
13.  Stomach is exercised fully and good digestion takes place.
14.  Eliminates waste materials from neck, back and lip.
15.  Prevents liver-related disorders.
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