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DEFINITION:  “Gowmukha” means a face resembling a cow.  It is also a kind of musical instrument, narrow at one end and broader at the other like the face of a cow.  Since this asana resembles a cow’s face in the final stage, it is termed as “gowmukhasana.”  This pose is best for sitting and relaxing and concentrating on Eternity.


  1. Sit firmly in the ground.
  2. Straighten the legs.
  3. Bend the right leg backwards and place it near the left hip region.
  4. Bend the left leg and place it near the right hip region.
  5. The right leg should be above the left leg while viewing the asana.
  6. The knee joints and kneecaps should be straight and perpendicular to the stomach (refer picture).  This is the final stage.
  7. The hands should be interlocked and kept in “karkata mudra.”

DURATION: From 2 minutes to depending upon one’s ability, can sit for longer duration.


  • Stimulates the spiritual power within and transforms the spiritual energy.
  • Prevents sexual dysfunctions and urinary tract infections, prevents piles.
  • Makes one to realize the ‘self or atman’ and gives him liberation.
  • Gives all the benefits of ‘karkata mudra.’
  • Makes one fit for meditation.
  • Prevents menstruation cycle problems in woman.
  • Prevents stiffness of knee joints.
  • Increases the power of muladhara chakra in the body.

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