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  Since this asana resembles “Garuda” (an eagle), it is termed as “garudasana.”  Nowadays, ordinary yoga teachers don’t give importance to this posture.  Only, people who have attained “gnana” (wisdom) in Hatha Yoga practise and preach this asana to all.


  1. Stand straight in a leveled ground.  (Place the testicles in between the thigh safely).
  2. By placing the right leg firmly on the ground, bend your left leg and bring it towards the right leg and fold it such that it bends above the right thigh, and place the fingers of the left leg on the right leg (please refer picture.)
  3. Now, by placing the right hand at the chest centre, bend the left hand to cross the right hand and join the palms of each hand together to make a namaskar.
  4. After bending both arms and legs, look straight.  This is one cycle.
  5. In the next cycle, you have to twist the right leg and fold it on the left leg.  (Please read above for complete steps.)
  6. Alternatively, do again for left leg and left arm and right leg and right arm.
  7. In the first step, bending of the legs is tough.  Even if you do so, standing in one foot is difficult.  So, stand near a wall and practise to avoid falling down.
  8. After sufficient practise, you can slowly take the leg from the bent position to normal position (please refer picture).  The same applies to the arms too.  This is the ‘complete’ stage.
  9. It might take some time to get acquainted with this asana.

  • Makes you follow “yoga way of life.”
  • Strengthens both thighs and ankles.
  • Prevents sciatica and paralysis.

  • This asana has to be done slowly. 
  • If done rashly, knee pain and testicle problem might occur. 
  • Do it slowly by practicing beside a wall. 
  • Don’t do it for a long period of time in one attempt, but do it several times to make it perfect.
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