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"Dhanur" means "bow."  As the body bends like a bow, it is termed so.  Basically, when we research
on yogasana names, we can conclude  that yogis take names from nature.  Indians basically observed the natural
phenomenon and then tried to practice whichever is applicable.

1.   Lie in prone position.
2.   The chin should touch the ground.
3.   Now, grasp the right leg with right hand and left leg with left hand (refer picture).
4.   Slowly raise the body by inhaling the air to maximum extent possible.
5.   In the final stage, the body weight will be transferred to the stomach region.
6.   Be in this stage for 15 seconds.
7.   Come back to the normal state now.
8.   This is one round.  Do it for 3 more rounds.

DURATION:  From 0 to 15 seconds.

1.   Strengthens and activates the digestive system.
2.   Minute nerves present in the spine cord and vertebrae are strengthened.
3.   Stimulates the "chakra" or "nerve centers" of the body and enhances divine power.
4.   Strengthens the urinary system.
5.   In woman, the asana prevents uterine dysfunction.
6.   Excellently maintains regular menstrual cycle.
7.   Strengthens the hip joints.
8.   Refreshes the afferent and efferent nerves and gives good blood supply to the body.
9.   Eliminates the waste materials present in intestines.
10. Maintains good digestion.
11. Eliminates phlegm and maintains proper cycle of excretion of urine and stools.
12. Prevents constipation.
13. Strengths all the bones in the body.
14. Reduces obesity.
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