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Since this asana resembles the shape of a wheel, it is called “chakrasana.”  Children can do this asana easily in their early age because the backbone bends easily.  For adults, due to stiffness of backbone, the asana might be little difficult.  But with regular practice, it becomes easy.


  1. Lie in supine position in a leveled ground.
  2. Bend both legs and bring the toes to the buttocks.
  3. Bend both the hands with the palm turned upwards and bring them near the neck and place them on either side.
  4. Now with both legs and hands placed firmly on the ground, lift the body forcibly upward till the hands are straightened.
  5. During the first attempt, it appears to be difficult, but with course of time, it becomes easy.
  6. Check that there is some distance between both legs and hands in this posture after fully flexing the body.  If possible, you can even join the hands with feet.
  7. After fully raising the body, keep the vision down.
  8. Now, to complete this asana, bend your hands and bring the hips to the ground first and in the same way, bring the legs to the original position.

  1. Stand straight.  Bend your back fully.  While bending, see to that the head does not touch the ground.  Now, rest your hands firmly on the ground.  Be in this position for a few seconds.
  2. Now, to complete this asana, place your whole weight in legs and straighten your body by lifting the hands and hips.
  3. Now come to original standing position.

  • Do this asana five times a day.
  • After getting adequately trained in this asana, try to be in this posture for a longtime.
  • Be in this posture for at least two minutes.

  • Strengthens the neck and back.  It increases the flexibility of the back bone joints.  Your will feel refreshed and regenerated after doing this asana.
  • If you practise this after doing “paschimothanasana,” all the waste materials will be eliminated out of the body.
  • Strengthens stomach muscles and expands the chest.
  • Strengthens the whole nervous system.
  • Prevents constipation.

When you perform this asana, when lifting the hip, you should inhale air and while bringing down the hip, exhale the air.  After getting used to this asana, the breathing becomes natural and you need not specifically concentrate on breathing.

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