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BHAKTI YOGA  (The yoga of devotion)

Love towards God is what is postulated by Adi Sankara to humanity for the propagation of bhakti yoga.  For without love, there are no fruits of knowledge, action and service.  Lord Krishna also says a yogi who is devoted to him through love is dearest to him.  Bhakti is the best mode of worship in this modern age to come closer towards God.  Knowledge leads to bhakti and bhakti leads to salvation.

Swami Vivekananda also describes this progression from personal love to egoless self-surrender to God through bhakti.  When a yogi endlessly loves God as a lover to his beloved, the yogi will be in communion with Supreme Soul.  He will be egoless and total blissfulness occurs to him.  ‘Love towards God’ is what is now desperately needed in kaliyuga.  God too loves devotee, who has eternal love for Him, which his eyes reflect.  This is the easiest means of God realization path.  You need not do penance, asceticism, or torture your body through other yoga system.  Yet, the total surrendering and renouncing of worldly desires is toughest part in yoga.

The bhakti yoga channels intense emotions, an upsurge of feelings offered as an adornment to God.  Ramakrishna’s love for Goddess Kali and Nayanmars’ devotion to Lord Siva are examples of bhakti yoga.  The bhakti yoga is like, it converts a bhakta to a child and god to a mother.  As a child cries for mother’s presence, so does this bhakta cries through devotion and bhajans to feel the presence of God.
Bhakti marg (path) is the best path to realize God “as it is.”  Only constant love and yearning will fetch good results.  Great yogis, saints and Siddhars emphasis on this yoga marg for this modern age.
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