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The term “Ashwini Mudra” is used because it basically resembles the anal region of a horse.  Ancient emperors used to do a yaga called, “Ashwamedha Yaga.”  “Ashwa” means horse.  They did poojas to horses, chanted Vedic mantras, and attained yogic powers.  They succeeded in all their ventures.  By doing this yaga, they protected themselves and their countrymen from negative forces.  This is called “Ashwamedha Yaga.”  Practising Ashwini Mudra everyday will bring “Ashta Siddhis” (eight yogic powers) surely.

  • To do Ashwini Mudra, sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana posture.  Then, close your eyes.  Keep your hands on your knee joints.  Now, slowly inhale and exhale the air.
  1. In the first stage of the Mudra, by inhaling the air deeply, you have to constrict the anal sphincter muscle and when exhaling, relax the sphincter muscle. 
  2. This is like a horse getting rid of its foccus. 
  3. The same procedure, we apply here to constrict the anal muscles for a few seconds and then relaxing them.
  4. Like this, you can do for 10-20 times. 
  5. This is stage I of Ashwini Mudra and this has to be practised in ordinary breathing.
  1. In the second stage of Ashwini Mudra, after two or three deep breathing, retain the breath, constrict and relax the sphincter muscles 10 times. 
  2. This process of constricting and relaxing the muscles when in retention state of breath is stage II Ashwini Mudra. 
  3. Do it as long as it is pleasurable without any side effects. 
  4. Don’t strain too much.
  • By doing Ashwini Mudra, the genital organs are strengthened and “Brahmacharya” is preserved.
  • The first centre of the six yogic centers in the human body gets activated.
  • It converts the lower level energy to upper level yogic energy by bringing self-control in us.
  • It strengthens the sphincter muscles of the anus.
  • Prevents piles and cures the disease.
  • Brings the uterus gradually to a healthy condition.
  • By practising silence without talking, a lot of oxygen is saved. 
  • In the same way, the Mudra stops oxygen from escaping through anus.
  • It gets rid of the waste matter by stopping it from mixing with body and cleans the body. 
  • In this process, one acquires a lot of yogic powers.
  • To attain yogic light, do this Mudra also. 
  • This will elevate you to the higher level of consciousness. 
Just give it a try.
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